Kay Louie and Fred Hadidi
Lesieli and Sione Halaapiapi
Donna and Sherman Hall
Ilka Handler (S)
Jacqueline and Alan Hansen
Jens Hansen (C)
Amy Hanson (S)
David Hartford (S)
Jesse Harvey (C)
Jaylene and Craig Harvey
Dennis and Michele Haussler
Janie Hayden
Jenny and Brian Hayden (C)
Tricia and Paul Heald
The Casey-Healy Family
Matt Healy
Christy and Tim Heaton

Rita and David Helseth
Anne Smith and James Herson
Yulin and David Hespelt

Becky and Mark Hilderbrand (C)
Magda Gonzalez and Gregory Hierro
Lisa and Barry Hills
Julia and John Hinshaw  (C)
Wendy Wheaton and Jeff Hodges
Georgina and David Hodgson
Alexander and Whitney Hoermann
Sarah Hoke
Liz Amini-Holmes and Mark Holmes
Kathie Holmes (S)
Darcy O'Brien-Holt and Austin Holt (S)
Lynn and Randy Holthaus
Jessica and Steve Hope (C)
Laura and Ken Hovden
Kathy and Skip Hovsmith
Sara and Kevin Howard
Mary Hower
Anna and Armando Huerta
Nancy Barr and Joshua Hughes
Mike Humerickhouse
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts (C)
Christine and Rob Hutchinson (C)
Gail and Stephen Hynding (C)
Shomace Ighanian (S)
Robert Igoe (S)
The Ikehara Family
Heather Irani

Gretchen and Brian Irion
Hugh Irwin (C)
John Islas (C)
Terry and Daniel Jacobs
Alana Jacobson (C)
Kathy Ansari and Sam Jalalian
Rob and Cathy James
Rolf and Debbi Jansen
Tan Ping and Ding Chau Jau
Melissa and Christopher Jaworski
Yeni Jimenez (S)
Leslie and Chris Johnson (C)
Janet and Bob Johnson (C)
Marie-Jeanne Juilland and Garey Johnson
Kandace Kahn (S)
Diann Lewis and Thomas Kane (C)
Lisa Blackwood-Kapral and Vince Kapral
Michele and Robert Kastelein
Jean and Marc Katz

Laura and Bob Kavanaugh (C)
Anna and Nickolaos Kavantzas
Melissa Ke (S)
Gina and Rich Kelley (C)
Anne Ken (S)
Alice's Restaurant
Erin Kilty (S)
The King Family
Irina Kishinsky
Susanna Klebaner (C)
Mary Jo and LeeRoy Kloezeman
Hilary and Rich Klopp
Beth Stovall and Sigmund Knapstad
Heather and Marshall Koch (C)

Megan Koch (C)
Arlene Kolber (S)
Julia Melamed Krakauer and Michael Krakauer
Jacie and Scott Krampert
Eileen Mockus and Eric Krantz
Edward and Julie Kraus
Jackie and Bruce Kubicka
Chris and David Kurtz
Catherine and David La Mar
Michelle and Brad LaForce
Bich Nga Lam (S)
Jennifer Lang (S)
Terrence and Sandra Langeman
The Sikorski Family (C)
Nicole Sunahara
Patricia and Michael Law
Briana Lee (S)
Sarah Lefort (S)
Kimberly and Paul Lego
Laura and Xavier Legros

Andre and Camille Levi

Michelle and Jason Levine
Renee and Ralph Lewis
Alexandra and Mike Lopez (C)
The Lovazzano Family
Alyssa Lu (S)
Elise Dixon and Ted Ludvig
Josefina and Jorge Lupercio
Catherine and Rob Lyman
Jim and Nancy MacDonald
Ramie Macioce (S)
Genny Dawley and Skyler Mallow (C)
Samer Malouf (S)
Marc and Julie Manuel
Maureen Campbell and Lou Marinacci (S)
Charles and Natalia Marlowe
Eddy Marroquin (S)
Jennifer Farrell and David Marsyla (C)
Julie Marten (S)
Graciela and Carl Martin
Mercedes Martinez
Joan and Mark Matteucci (C)
Diane Mazzei (S)

Lori and Dennis McBride (C)
Trish McBride (C)
Michelle McCoy
Charmaine and Eric McCrystal
Thomas McDonough
Karen Fleck and Ian McDowall
Suzi and Jim McElwee (C)
Tamara and Mark McInerney
Susan McLaughiln (C)
Terri and Zeke Mead
Dana Meade (C)
Maricela and Jaudiel Medina (S)
Shannon and Hartmut Mees
Jayanthi Mehta (S)
Shawn and Rita Melton
The Mendelsohn Family Fund
Deborah Mendelsohn
Charlene and Dennis Mendes
Noelle Mendoza (S)
Matthew Middough (S)

The Miller-Eastman Family
Michael Mithen
Rebecca Flynn and Alexander Moissis
Charles and Elizabeth Moldow
Michael and Amy Molitz
Monica Mora Vazquez and Pedro Mora

The Morales Family
Valerie Morgan
Kris and Brian Moriarty
Joy and Bruce Morimoto
Jen and Rob Morrill
Michael Moses (S)
Tony and Teresa Muckel
Robert Mullen (C)
Sheeja Santhadevi and Hareeshkumar Nair
Alexandra Biggar and Brad Nelson   
The Newby Family Foundation
Binh Nguyen (S)
Laura and Michael Nibbi
Howie and Mary Nickel
Molly Nixon (S)
Natasha and Aleksander Noy
Nvidia Employee Giving Program (C)
Gail and Michael O'Connor

Meghan O'Holleran (S)
Rachel Parikh and Thomas Odenwald
Paul Owens

Elva Vazquez and Luis Padilla

Jennifer and Joe Pagano
Luis Palala
Holly Parry (S)
Roni and Richard Patrone

Jennifer and David Peck
Leslie and Chris Pedrin
Laura Perdikomatis (S)
Heather and Keith Perry
Lyle and Eve Personette
Karen Seiko Arimoto Peterson (C)
Daniel and Heather Peterson
Yvette and Bob Phillips
Karen Pieper
Lorena Herrera and Salomon Pineda
Susanna Segre' and Federico Politi
Laura and Andew Poppink (C)
Kevin and Kimberly Postlewaite
Marissa Potts (S)
Kristin Kueter and Robert Pratt
Alexandrina Pretto (S)
Lisa Prodromo (S)
Lisa and Christian Puccetti
Linda and Georg Puchta
Jamie Flight and Carlos Quintana
Olivia and Eric Raeber
Liliana Cisneros and Sergio Ramirez
Liseth Villegas and Sergio Ramirez
Damaris and Jorge Ramos
Michelle and Alain Rappaport
Marty and Mike Raynor
Jeremy and Gillian Read
Sonia and Ian Reed
Mark Reibstein (S)
Kristine and Evan Reis

The Resources Legacy Fund (C)
Suzanne Wood and Carlos Reyna
The Reynolds Family
Laura and Thomas Rhodes (C)
Anna and Alexander Richter
Astrid and David Rieber
Ana Rivera
Dolores Rodriguez
Elizabeth Stangle and Pablo Rodriguez Bertorello
Anna Roger (S)
Jennifer and Ron Rogers
Suzy and Chris Rohlfes
James Rooney (C)
Karen Rooney (C)

Susan Doherty and Howie Rosen (C)
Wendy Warren and Doug Roth (C)
Krisine and Randy Roushall
Lauren and Josh Rubin (S)
Jeanne and Will Rusch
Valerie and Michael Russell
Wendy and Philip Rutherford
Irina and Eddie Ruvinsky
Mary and Joseph Sacco
Paula and Harri Salomaa
Nancy and Cirous Samia
Rhina Sanford (S)

Cynthia and Ivar Satero
Tammy and Brent Scardino
Angela and Samuel Schillace
Sherri and Charlie Schmidt
Ivana and Barry Schnur
Rebecca Trimpi and Simon Scott
Celia Boutell and Jason Seed
Sidney Segura (C)
Ruby and Robert Seidl
Julie and Paul Seipp
Debbie and Derek Shaeffer
JoAnn and David Shannon (S)
Nicole and Andrew Sheehan (C)
Jerry and Laura Sherman
Denise Silverman and Eli Sheynin
Sheree and John Shoch (C)
Kimberly Whitney and Steven Shoshany
Gwen Sidley (S)
Linda Carr and Jay Siegel
Anne Kopf-Sill and Alvin Sill
Linda Montes and Jesse Silverman
Thomas Slater (S)
Kathleen and Adrian Smith

Susan Huser and Kerren Smith
Debora Sobottka-Smith and Michael Smith
Ellen and Stephan Sochoux
Patty Sparacino (S)
Nancy Staves (S)
Kristina Stefani (S)
The Deirdre Stegman and Oliver Bock Family Fund
Margie and Roy Stehle (C)
Adrienne and Robert Steinebel
The Steinmetz Family
Marti Sterns
Jonathan Stewart (S)
Anne Catambay and Kyle Stirling  
Alyssa and Jim Stucky
Ulrike and Walter Sujansky
Chris and Dave Swan
Shelly and Scott Sweeney
Erika Schillinger and Marc Tarpenning (C)
The Tate Family Fund
The Taube Family Foundation (C)
The Famille Taveau
Ruth Taylor
Kelsey Theriault (S)
Amy Harber and John Thipphawong

Annie and Frank Timons (C)
Andressa and Jake Thorne
Susan Hudak and Stephen Tomlanovich (C)
Susan and Daniel Torres
Timothy and Jennifer Torres
Ester and Hector Torres
Tracy and Michael Toschi
Denise and Carl Touhey
Maria Shao and Dan Triest
Kazumi and Mark Tsuchiyose
Kevin Tsui (S)
Andrea Tuiono
Leslie Lian and Edward Tuttle
Christina and Todd Untrecht
Heather and Michael Vail
Sara Grace and Jason Vann (S)
Maria and Macario Vargas
Lisa Vasquez (S)
Karen Askey and Lance Vaughan
Kimberly and Raul Velez
Faith and Charles Velschow (S)
Tamiko and Jay Verkler
Joel and Norilyn Vicente
Alexandra and Randy Von Feldt
Catherine Wachtler (S)
The Wall Family
Jenn and James Wall (C)
Jacqueline and Clinton Ward

Michelle and Terry Warford
Lisa Clem and Christian Weber
Lucy and Larry Weber
Vicky and Erhard Wegman
David and Bunny Weiss (C)
Sarah Wernikoff (C)
Julie and Michael White
Carolee White (C)
Jacqueline Steenhuis and Adam Whiting
WHS Construction Crew (C)
WHS Guidance Dept. (S)
Jim Wilfong (C)
Holly Tabor and Eric Wilfrid
Julie and Rob Willett
Kristin and Evan Williams
The Williams Family (C)

Karen Meisner and Par Winzell
Leslie and Jeff With (S)

Jane Kwan Wong and David Wong
Barry Woodruff (S)
Heather and Mike Woods

Josephine and Dow Woodward
Jing Xu (S)
Florence Parry and Sarath Yakupitiyage
Cathleen and Greg Yedinak
Daisy Yeung (S)
Lisa and Frank York (C)
Kelly Younger (S)
Leticia Zamora
Lupe and Willy Zelaya
Olivia and Todd Zwaanstra (C)
Jennifer and Ethan Zweig (C)

2016-17 Annual Campaign Donors

Our most heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of Woodside High School families and community members who have already donated!

Your generous support enables Woodside High School to continue providing a cutting-edge, high-quality education for all our students — an education that empowers them for the future. 

Anonymous Donors
Maria Zaragoza and Javier Abarca
Staci and Joseph Abrams
Aurora Abramson
Anne Myong and Craig Adams (C)
Carrie and Matt Adkins
Kim and Riad Agel
Pablo Aguilera (S)
Ahstrom Family (C)
Ann and William Akey (S)
Alice's Restaurant (C)
Alison and Brock Alston
Adele Alvarez
Denise and John Anagnostou
Virginia and Ragnar Andersen (C)
Amy and Tim Anderson
Yanet Arias Martinez (S)
Gayle and Richard Arlie
Cheryl and John Arner (S)
Pilar Hernandez and Noe Arteaga Oseguera
Carol and Par Arvidsson
Stephanie and Scott Ashworth
Jennifer and Oscar Avendano
Michelle and Brett Ayoob
Gina and Geoffrey Baldwin (C)
Gina and Geoffrey Baldwin (C)

Leslie Field-Barth and Phil Barth
Jennifer Advani and Jean-Francois Barthe
The Bear Gulch Foundation (C)
Renee Courington and David Beaver
Margaret Becker
Kim and Jon Behrens
The Bellomo Family
John and Ellen Bertine

Karyn and Adam Bechtel (C)​
Jennifer Joh and Meeten Bhavsar
Nancy and Richard Blum (C)
Beth Chagonjian and Bruce Bohannan
Marsha and William BonDurant
Doretta and Matthew Bonner
Susan and Brad Booth
Adriana Botto
Anne and Philip Bourgeois
Jenny Bratton (S)
Linda and Daniel Brault
The Bray Family
Catherine Brda (C)
Laura and Kurt Bridgman
Ruth and Mark Brosius
Rebecca Glenn and Christopher Brown
Amy and Eric Brugger
Grace Bell and Lawrence Buckley (C)
Steve and Heather Buddie
Bonnie Crater and Christopher Buja
Diane and Steven Burbank (S)
Isabel Fernandez and Matthew Bye
Mary Tsang and Hong Cai
The Calcagno Family
Marianna Zavodouskaya and Michael Campbell
Marilson and Claudia Campos
Jose Campos (S)
The Relf-Canas Family
Stephanie and Brett Carlson
Debra Ikeda and Glenn Carpenter (S)
Georgina Castaneda
Michelle and George Caughey (C)

Julie and Damon Chandik
The Chang Family
Kumar Chaudhari (S)
Carolyn Koo and Wayne Chiu
Ed and Kristen Clavel
Staci and Cary Cole (C)
Shelley Coleman (S)
Comyn Family (C)
Karen Schwartz and Alan Conover
Brent and Sylvia Constantz
Lissa Menge Cook and Jim Cook
Clare and Andrew Corcoran
Rebecca and Aaron Cordero
Marcelo Cortes
Patricia and Panfilo Costantini
Oscar and Victoria Costantini
Tom and Stephanie Couch
Kathleen Coughlin (S)
Suzanne and J. Taylor Crandall (C)
Harriet Bell and Daniel Crane

Victoria and Barry Crane
Ann and Richard Crevelt
Sarah Crouse (C)
Sean and Monica Cryan
Mike and Amy Czarnecki
Amy and Bill Daniher
Brooke Darmanin (S)
Bridget and Cully Davis
Glee Ann and Dwight Davis (C)
Rene Zarate and Gisels De Jesus
Elizabeth and Paulo de Oliveira
Maria Luisa De Seta (S)
Lisa Deal
Joi Deaser
The Demers Family
Nancy Rudolph and Christopher Dickinson
Hagar and Michael Dickman
June and Jim Diller (C)
Jim Diller
Kelly and Christopher Dolan (S)
Jascha Dolan (S)
Diane and Jim Donovan
Karen Dorsey (S)
Deirdre and Timothy Dougherty
George and Kristin Driscoll
Kerry and Denise Duffy
Jean-Marie Dupuy
Scottie and Park Durrett (C)
The E.F. Harris Family Foundation (C)
Lexy and Alan Eaton (S)
Jennifer and Cree Edwards (C)
Karyn Ellis (C)
Teresa Espinoza
Eric Ettlin (S)
Chandler and Oliver Evans (C)
Tamara and Darin Evans
Joel Ezrati (S)
Elisa and Michael Fabian
The Falore Family (C)
Jonda Farris (S)
Lucia Tedesco and Massimiliano Fatica
Olga Fedorova
Denise and Millo Fenzi
Mary and Todd Ferris
Issa Khoury (C)
Beverly Joyce and Paul Fielder
Michael and Stephanie Finander
Ora and Joseph Fisher
Heidi Flaig (S)
Susan and Rob Flint (C)
Ana Flores

Lisa Frieden (C)
Alexa and Rick Frisbie
Tamara Kan and Gil Fronsdal
Amy and Nigel Funge
Elise and Randy Gabrielson
Portia and Jaime Gaddi
Anna Luz Guevara and Douglas Galdamez
Frank Galli (C)
Susan and Joel Garcia
Frances and Theodore Geballe (C)
Rebecca Ratcliff and Christian Gellrich
Julia Massa and Aaron Gershenberg
William and Lauren Gerson
Linda and Nicholas Giampa
Hilary and Robert Giles (C)
The Gilhuly Family Foundation (C)
Maria Surricchio and Jon Gillespie-Brown
Michael Gilmore (C)

Cathy and David Glazer (C)
Cindy and Evan Goldberg (C)
Elva Vazquez and Luis Gonzalez
The Goodalls
Maureen and Tim Goode
Chrystel Goss
Audrey and Jeff Goss
Alix and Gabe Gotthard
Jean and Jeff Gould (C)
Jennifer and Zac Granger

Vickie Green (S)
Ann and Richard Greenberg
Martha and Doug Greene
Amelia Greenfield (S)
Jayne and Warren Grinnell (C)
Mary Grunigen (C)
Wendy Porter and John Gunther (S)
Zorina Matavulj and Daniel Gustafson (S)

(C) Community Members

(S) Woodside High School Staff

Bold = Leadership Donor

We apologize to anyone whose name has been inaccurately listed or inadvertently omitted. Please contact us at annualcampaign@whsfoundation.org with any corrections.